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By now, there have taken place three official gatherings of players of Stonia.

The first one took place on April 1997. I wasn't there, therefore i write all i've heard about that meeting. As far as i know, the main organizers were Joka and RalfII, neither of them actually took part in it. There were about 20 participants, including four immortals, Segoy, Suller, Crom and Walker. The gathering took place in a sauna in woods near Puka, hence the participating was the most expensive so far - 150 kroons. As i know, they didn't work out financially and Suller paid the extra costs. Hereby i want to thank Hit for allowing me to use his pictures of the first meeting.

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The second one took place on May 12, 2000. As the main organizer, i'm more than able to write about it. The gathering took place in ``Tartu Maja'', Tartu. There were about 50 participants, including 7 immortals: RalfII, Cody, Saruman, Seem, Rincewind, Gloin and Stok (at that time i was an imm), and a dozen of ``guests". The participating fee was 80 kroons. For that sum (about 3,500 kroons, since my closer friends had everything for free) i paid the rental of rooms, bought 10 kg of salted beans, 16.5 kg of frankfurters, 7 cases of beer (70 litres), 3 breads and 2 bottles of ketchup. It's interesting, that not all of bread was eaten, also a dozen bottles of beer were left in the fridge. With that party i collected a profit of 37 kroons, although it was not in my intention. All my thanks go to Walf for transport, music system and taking pictures, to Cody for being the voluntary chef of the party and to Kami for cheap beer. Also i want to thank Crow for he saved the scanned pictures of meeting. Sadly, i didn't appear clearly in any picture. :P The sound that ruled the party was from ``Metallica", ``The Offspring", ``Manowar", ``The South Park Soundtrack", etc.

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The third gathering took place on May 4, 2001. Again i was the main organizer, although this time i was sponsored by Rothe. The gathering took place in ``Tartu Maja'', again, but the place is really decent for big parties like these. There were about 40 participants, including six immortals: Cody, Saruman, Seem, Hello, Volur and Laika, and a dozen of ``guests", again. This time the participating fee was 100 kroons, because i felt uncertain about financial matters, and only Walf as the owner of the sound system had everything for free, my closer friends had beer for free. For the money of about 3,700 kroons i paid the rental and bought about 10 kg of frankfurters, 2 breads :P, one bottle of ketchup and 10 cases of beer (100 litres). Hereby i just have to mention, that we ran out of beer, although we had less people in the party than the year before. :P Also i heard at least one person complaining, that there was too little food in the party. I personally think, that it wasn't all about gorging. The unintended profit was 400 kroons this time, but in the end the beer was for free anyway, since no one bothered himself with selling it. :P Hereby i want to thank Rothe for lending me the money i needed for organizing, Walf again, for he agreed to take his sound system, although he had no mood for party; Stunned for being the chef, Kami and Forsgonthen for cheap beer. You should also thank Saruman, for he gave me the first idea to organize the Stonia gathering again (though i promised last year not to organize anymore). It's sad, that this time no one took his camera with, so no pictures were taken. But the best pictures always remain in your memory. :) The sound that echoed in the party, was again from ``Metallica" and from ``The Offspring", also from ``Iron Maiden" and from Mati Nuude. (*grin*). People amused themselves by playing darts, now the wall is seriously damaged, if not dead. (R.I.P.)

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The forth one took place in May 2002 in Haapsalu. The main organizer was Jgrmstr. There were over 40 people grilling, drinking beer, talking about mud and real life and just having fun.

The fifth gathering took place on May 31, 2003 in Elva Laskebaas (Elva shooting range). The main organizers were this time Snark and Kahwel. The participating fee was 125 kroons and for that we had 5 cottages, a sauna, a lot of frankfurthers, bread and etc. The most activity took place outdoors. There were over 50 participants and this far it has been the biggest Stonia gathering ever.

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