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Automatically generated Stonia player list. 108 accounts in total, featuring 63 characters. 2 active accounts (1% of playerbase). 4 inactive accounts (3% of playerbase). 102 incognito accounts (94% of playerbase). 0 accounts not used (0% of playerbase). Active account: A character from this account has been online during this week. Inactive account: No characters from this account have been online during this week. Incognito account: An account with publishing account info option turned off. Not used account: Accounts without characters (dummy accounts). Courtesy of Saru A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Armand [ a Hero dwarf mage ] Bob and Bob [ a Hero hobbit warrior ] Boro the Knight [ a Hero elf cleric ] Bru cee [ a Hero elf mage ] Bruce Willis [ a Master elf cleric ] Che Guevara [ a Master elf cleric ] Darc the Patriarch [ a low level demon cleric ] Darey [ a Hero elf mage ] Elwin Carpetor [ a Hero human cleric ] Fole Blows [ a low level elf cleric ] Fred [ a Hero ghost cleric ] Hodar the Holy Hero [ a Master elf mage ] Iron the Grand Sorcerer [ a Hero nomad warrior ] Jarvis the Knight Hero [ a Hero dwarf mage ] Levis the Mage Hero [ a Hero elf cleric ] Marcel Woods [ a Hero elf cleric ] Marcelo the Holy Man [ a Hero dwarf cleric ] Nemdar dwarf [ a Hero nomad mage ] Sayer the Mage Hero [ a Hero halforc warrior ] Slevin Kelevra [ a Hero dwarf warrior ] Thargas Anvilmar [ a Hero elf cleric ] Theon Joy [ a Hero giant warrior ] Xavir the Knight Hero [ a Hero orc warrior ] Xorag Julmum
Hiiler (inactive) [ an Implementor ] Hiiler is Hungry
Kahwel (inactive) [ a Hero ghost cleric ] Kahwel the Holy Hero [ a Hero ghost warrior ] Kolju Murru [ a Hero demon thief ] Lionel the Bastard [ a Hero ghost mage ] Zyx the Magician (II)
Tennis [ a Hero orc warrior ] Azog the Pale Orc [ a Hero hobbit thief ] Bilps [TRT] [ a Hero hobbit warrior ] Bodo Proudfoot [TRT] [ a Hero giant warrior ] Bonesy [TRT] [ a Demigod ] Bongo the Demigod of War [ a Hero ghost mage ] Booboo Booooo [TRT] [ a Hero ghost warrior ] Boogey Boo [ a Hero demon cleric ] Bucks the Holy Hero [ a Hero elf cleric ] Carric the Holy Hero [ a Hero dwarf warrior ] Crave Man [ a Hero dwarf warrior ] Creedey [TRT] [ a Hero dwarf warrior ] Creedy the One [ a Hero ghost mage ] Curce the Curse [ a Hero ghost cleric ] Drace the Holy Hero [ a Hero giant warrior ] Draco Sword [ a Hero halforc warrior ] Drakey Moon [ a Hero demon cleric ] Dranez [TRT] [ a Legend giant warrior ] Drax the Grand Paladin [ a Hero giant warrior ] Draxxx the Knight Hero [ a Hero demon cleric ] Gazzen the Holy Hero [ a Hero orc warrior ] Gruumsh the Leg-Breaker [TRT] [ a Hero dwarf cleric ] Heal the Master of Healing [ a Hero hobbit warrior ] Myron the Iron [ a Hero human warrior ] Narcaine Man [ a Hero dwarf warrior ] Razas Asombrosas [ a Hero elf warrior ] Rots Jonelis [ a Hero elf cleric ] Rox in a Box [ a Hero ghost thief ] Shades Reinald [ a Hero nomad warrior ] Skullface the Hot Coldman [ a Hero nomad mage ] Sneaky the Mage Hero [ a Hero demon mage ] Tark the Iron
Welz (inactive) [ a Hero dwarf warrior ] Walle the Knight Hero [ a Legend dwarf thief ] Wellu the Grand Spy [ a Master dwarf cleric ] Willu the Counsellor
Zarquon (inactive) [ an Implementor ] Zarquon The BugBlaster Beast of Traal