The Story of Ilmarine

It is said, Ilmarine had taken a piece of fine steel, forged a rubber ball of it and, finally, streched it out all over the world. Then, filled with the fire, he took the shining stars and the silvery moon and fastened them to the Great Ball of Rubber. Finally, the Great Light was given to him by Uku and he hanged it on a strange mechanism, which turned whole the thing.
Then the two Angels were born - the almighty Aurora, all dressed in white and silver, and the Angel of darkness - Diablo. And the mighty Diablo was black-heartened and corrupted and he wished death to his brother - Aurora.
But Aurora didn't know anything about the case, because he was busy creating the living things on the earth. He took some clay and forged a creature of it. He called it Elf. Then, blinded by the beauty of his work he decided to make some more beings to comfort the Elf's lonelyness. Man, Dwarf, Halfling and many other beings were then settled on the earth. And they dwelt in different places, some of them in woods, some on the endless plains where they established the Great Cities and settlements, and some of them in the mountains as they liked. Then they reached to the height in their skills. There were many of them who were called wizards and many of them did know a lot about forging steel and metal.
Then the Day of Creating was over and Aurora was very pleased with his work as he took a little rest.
Well, that was enough for his evil brother - Diablo - and he started destroying Aurora's work. Still, he wasn't powerful enough to ruin all of the work. In his evil thoughts, he took some Elves, corrupted their minds and changed their bodies. Then Aurora awakened and took a glance at his work. But it was too late, the world had been infected by Evil and many black creatures had been made - the Demon Hounds, Demons, Trolls and many other black monsters.
And lo! There was a Great Battle then, the white forces against the black's. The red blood mixed with black flew in the streams and there was a great number of beings slain. And of the dead bodies the ghosts arised - they were called Banshees because of their evil mind, and Fairies because they had arisen from the bodies of the affable white men.
And then the war was over, and there was very few men left on the earth - the Demon Hounds moved to the mountains and made their home in the caves and the whiteskins dwelt then in the woods and on the endless plains to wait for the better days. Then it was said, one time the almighty Aurora will restore all his power and throw the Evil out of the world. And there are many of them, who still believe in it.

							by Neonaeon.