Previous jobs and positions

The first jobs: At the same time when I was in grammar school and university I had several jobs in computer business field. These were programmer, computer administrator, developer, teacher for spreadsheets, salesman etc.
The first main job: In 1995 I started in IBM Estonia as RS/6000 (IBM UNIX) product manager. From the beginning of 1997 until June in 1999 my job was to manage whole Server Line (PC server, RS/6000, AS/400, Storage) product sales and marketing in IBM Estonia. All these years I managed also with IBM Estonia web site and also I made some UNIX administration exams.
The second main job: After the hottest summer in 19th century in September 1999 I started as Server Product Manager in Baltic countries (MicroLink Novator product line) in the biggest IT corporation in the Baltic countries - MicroLink.