What is Stonia?

What does Stonia mean? What is the base idea of Stonia? When did Stonia start? How did Stonia start? Who made Stonia?
Years Known in Stonia as Real-life name Jobs
1993-1999 RalfII Raul Tölp The first implementor from 1993 and coordinator from 1995 in all subjects (ideas, world building, programming, webmaster, etc).
1994 Xalzr Priit Randla Recodings, debugging and external scripts
1994-1995 Kaur Kaur Virunurm External UNIX programs and scripts, consulting
1994-1996 Tsoome Toomas Soome Solaris support and debugging
1994-1999 Joka Asko Seeba The main implementor from 1995-1998, coordinator from 1998, he did/does everything except areas
1994-1997 Suller Sulev Türnpuu Main area builder
1994-1995 Waim Andres Didrik Second main area builder
1994 Sauron Jaanus Lillenberg Area builder, generated a lot of great ideas, consulting
1994 Krooks
Developed the first Stonia web site
1994-1995 Aeon Margus Väli Third main area builder
1995-1996 Pets
Second Implementor
1996-1999-… Segoy
Second Implementor after Pets and the first implementor after Joka
1999-… Cody
Main area builder
1999-… Saruman
Main ruler
2000-… Karzumm
Main ruler
2000-… Stok
Main ruler
2000-… Seem
Second area builder
2000-… Hiiler Marek Mandre New Implementor (Joka and Segoy retired)
2000-… Zarquon Elmet Orasson New Implementor (Joka and Segoy retired)
2000-2020-... Volur Ahto Janter New Implementor and main contact
2000-2010 Finsoft Alvar Soome Implementor
How we see the future developments of Stonia?

There may be a lot of more questions to answer, just let me know what do you want to see on this page.