Waim the Holy Spirit

(areabuilder, God of Misties)

Well, I'm one of those areabuilders in this MUD. Since my hypertext here was destroyed, I haven't been able to recompile it. Maybe in the nearest future you can enjoy my hypertext again. Until this time you can enjoy my bookmarks.

Here is the story of Shakti, my most beloved character in this MUD as well as in the others.

Why not check out The John McLaughlin Home Page, my first solo project on Internet.

My personal homepage.

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The Pat Metheny Home Page by Marc Lensink.

Sting Home Page.

Enemy Records.

Gibson Home Page.

Miles Davis Home Page from Warner Bros.

So, and now a few words about STONIA compared to other Estonian MUDs. Well, this mud seems to be one of the first of Estonian MUDs that has his own original areas. (The first was probably War Of The Roses.) Then came Shadowdale II, Estonian copy of the original American MUD Shadowdale, based on Sillycode. Once there was also MUD that had areas and a part of code written in Estonian: Poriorg (based on Shadowdale II). Unfortunately, this MUD isn't running any more. Here in our MUD we have some standard Diku areas, some standard Sillycode areas, and a lot of original areas written by our gods and players. One important attention: our MUD isn't completed yet, so there may be a lot of changes in the nearest future.

One of our sources is the MUD of MUDs, usually called the best of all MUDs, MUME (Multi Users in Middle Earth), based on the books of J.R.R.Tolkien ("The Hobbit", "The Lord of the Rings", etc.) For those who want to go to the future world, use high technology and visit other planets in the other solar systems, is KobraMUD.

For those who want to see the real Cruel Lost World:

Welcome to Stonia!

If you are really newbie in MUD, then read help (help keyword). If you still have problems, ask from other players. If you still don't get any answer ask from any immortal. If you still have problems there (and if you are GHOST) and if you really want to create areas, you can mail me: andres_d@madli.ut.ee

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